5 ways to Create Your Freelancer Brand

1. Get social to create a public presence

You may be one of the best freelancers in the market today, but if you don’t have a public presence people will slowly forget about you. Creating awareness is one of the top things you can do as an independent creative and social media is your best choice.

2. Keep an updated portfolio and blog

An online portfolio is a blood in a freelancer’s body. If it’s not fresh, you’re dead. Keep it updated and only showcase your absolute best work. Be sure to invest at least as much energy as you did in your logo. It doesn’t matter how awesome your work is if you’re still on that free .wordpress domain with the default theme.

3. Showcase your personality

People like a good story. If you have one, please share it with the world. If you don’t have one, then get on it. This means you should show you’re an individual with certain beliefs, a sense of humor, and a personality. Clients will appreciate some personal insights so they know they’re not dealing with a brainless zombie that has nothing interesting to say. As always, keep it short and simple.

4-Get a proper logo

A freelancer’s logo should be excellent, because this is one of the first things your potential clients will see alongside your portfolio. Unless you’re not that crazy about getting new clients, you really have no excuse for having an out-of-date logo.

5. Calculate your rates—privately

Wait, are rates part of your branding? Not explicitly, unless you want to go down the road of competing on price instead of value. 

We don’t recommend that, BTW. For one thing, clients with money tend to avoid discount-branded services because they worry about quality. 

For another, competing on price means someone can undercut you by a few bucks and steal your customers! Focusing on the value you offer is a better long-term strategy.

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